Artwork Usage



If you are interested in licensing my art or photography, please contact me with details at: with the subject line "Licensing" I reserve the right to decline licensing proposals at my sole discretion.



Any type of project like this MUST be approved by me, along with a signed contract and agreed upon royalty rate.  Please contact me with further details of your project at: with the subject line "Royalties"




Should you wish to use my work this is FREE! (I would love to see the Tattoo if possible) email at: with the subject line "Tattoo" and I will supply the design for you to use (it will still have a watermark but not enough to distract the tattoo artist)




If you would like me to supply original artwork for fundraising purpose's this is FREE! I love helping animals, a link would be nice but not necessary, Business cards will be sent along with the artwork all you have to do is email at: with the subject "Animal charity", Please note only real Charities (Yes I will check)



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Unauthorised reproduction of material is not permitted.