The team

You might think that Majestik Art is a solo operation but the truth is I have three studio helpers, luckily I only have to provide them with treats as way of wages.



Cinnamon is part Chihuahua and part Jack Russell which mostly makes her think she is a Rottweiler, she is scared of nothing, even though she could fit in my handbag! 



Guinness is pure Chihuahua and a 100% licking machine, if it moves or even if it doesn't she has to lick it.  Her favorite pass time is playing with her food biscuits and it can take hours until she feels it's dead enough to eat.



 These two are always together and more oftern than not curled up asleep.




The baby of the bunch is Cocoa she loves to eat socks and nibble feet, really if it's not nailed down she will run off with it and chew it!



She loves being in the studio but not really to assist, more for a cuddle and a fuss, hardly professional.



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