A New Year

Well this year has to be the year that my artwork finally starts to make enough money to support me, as I’m struggling with being a Mum, Part time receptionist and an artist!

I decided that it was time to get organised in order to achieve this, so armed with my new iPad (Thank you hubby x) I downloaded a fantastic app called treed it’s super cute and so easy to use, I have nearly fully stocked my artfire store due to this app, and have now got all my projects in one place rather than on several hundred pieces of paper (which I inevitably loose!) you can view this amazing bit of wizardry (I say wizardry as I think little elves live in there it’s too clever) in the app store here

As it’s a New Year I would like to say a big Thank you to all of my customers and all those who supported me in 2011, I would also like to toast to Majestik art as this December it was officially it’s first Birthday!

As a way of giving back to all of you lovely people I have decided that this year I have also planned some competitions so be sure to check back often as these will be started very shortly, for your chance to get some freebies!

I currently have a New Year Sale in my artfire store, all items have 10% off and selected lines are free shipping, so plenty of bargains to be had!

I have finished and listed “Spellhound” and I am very happy with the way it turned out, the Corgi is very cute and I really have to say I enjoyed this piece both this and “Black magic” are more towards the fantasy side than I tend to venture but I think I may stay there awhile, or until the Art Competitions I plan to enter draw me away ( No pun intended of course).  Anyway without further ado here is the finished piece.


Title: “Spellhound”

Medium: Coloured pencils and oils Size: 8″ x 10″

Ground Quality: 300lb Arches hot press watercolour paper.

Bidding ends tonight, you can place a bid here

Well I hope your New Year got off to a good start, till next time (as they say)