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Hello and Welcome

My name is Vicky Kenworthy, I'm a Traditional artist in a far to modern world, I specialize in unique animal art that captures the very essence of my subject.

I run Majestik Art with the aim of giving back to the animals that inspire me on a daily basis, whilst providing my customers with a glimpse into how I view these majestic creatures.

I donate several piece's of artwork to local charities, as well as donating a certain amount from each sale I make on or offline, so as an animal lover you can be safe in the knowledge that not only have you purchased a stunning piece of fine art, but you have also given back to the animals that you care for.

Vicky Kenworthy

Pet Portraits Starting From Just £50
Send me your favourite photo and I will create a unique, one of a kind portrait.
I can even provide prints of your portraits too.
All delivered safely to your door!

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